Mrs. Witherspoon

¡Bienvenidos! I'm Alejandra Witherspoon the face behind "Clase de cucharitas" and I am a 3rd grade Dual Language teacher. After graduating college with an RTVF and Spanish degree in May 2010, I pursued the Reporter dream and worked at Univision. In 2011 I interviewed Dallas ISD's teacher of the year, who just happened to be a Bilingual teacher. After many years of running from the idea of teaching I decided to look into it. Flash forward to Fall of 2011 and I am starting my first year teaching as a 2nd grade Dual Language-Spanish teacher. I was lucky enough to loop up with that class. I taught 3rd grade for 5 years. 2017-2018 began my 7th year teaching and my 1st year out of the classroom. I decided to take on the position of Bilingual Instructional Support at the campus where I began teaching.

I will forever be grateful to the teacher I interviewed, because thanks to him I was able to find my passion and career.

My handsome husband and I met at The University of North Texas (GO MEAN GREEN!). We have been married for 4 years and became parents in June 2016 to a beautiful little girl.  We live in Ft. Worth, Texas and if we are not home you will find us on the trails riding our bikes, walking or running.

My family means the world to me! We are a very close family and you will find us together celebrating every moment in life. I am the middle sister of 3 girls. We moved from Mexico when we were 9, 5, and 3. As a former ESL student I hope to be able to understand my students and their families better. The blog name actually comes from my mom. She calls me her "cucharita" (little spoon after WitherSPOON).

I hope to be able to share my teaching experiences as well as connect with other teachers.

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