5 Senses and Imagery

Wow! Has it been awhile since I have been on here. So sorry for the loss of blogging, life got in the way. I have left the classroom and now have taken a position as Bilingual Instructional Support. I sometimes miss classroom but have enjoyed working more in small groups while also supporting teachers. I hope to broaden the content of the blog. My baby has now become a toddler and if being a wife, mom and teacher wasn't enough I decided to add Grad school to my busy life. To say the least life has been busy, but I hope to be back more often on the blog.

Ok enough about me and my boring life and back to teaching.

Imagery...making images based on your 5 senses. This can be so much fun to teach but for some reason still so hard for their little brains to grasp. What better way to introduce the lesson than with FOOD! You win a child over with food. 

To start I give each student a piece of fruit. This time we worked with an apple. I have the students use the table. They analyze the fruit using their 5 senses and fill out the table.

After they have analyzed the object we move on to reading poems. I gave them 2 poems and we read them out loud once together.

Students then went with their partner and read the same poems again but this time analyzed the poem and identified the imagery by coloring the evidence.

At the end I wanted to assess their comprehension and make sure they comprehended what they read. They were assigned 4 task cards and each card had an open ended question to answer. These cards were their exit tickets.

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Hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far! 

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