Summer Reading List

Spring is here and that means summer will sloooowly approach us. The summer is when I like to do most of my reading. As the year begins to come to a close, I begin to really reflect on what I want to change next year. This is where my reading list begins. Last summer my reading list consisted of parenting books so I am already getting a head start on my list for this summer to make up for the ones that weren't read in Summer of 2016.

We received The Reading Strategies Book from our principal once school had already started, so I have only scanned through it and used a few lessons. I am excited to read it cover to cover! The lessons I have used have worked great, including this biography lesson.

Jennifer Serravallo has recently come out with a new book, The Writing Strategies Book. This will be another one on my list.

This last one, I Wish My Teacher Knew, is one I'm most excited about! As teachers we become our students confidants and security for those 8 hours a day. They always have something to share and sometimes they want to share, but done know how. I'm excited to read this and learn how to better understand my students realities. 

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Hoping I can add some more to my list after I finish these. What are some of the books you plan to read this summer?

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