Biografías y Autobiografías

These last two weeks we have been busy digging into "Biografías" and "Autobiografías".  We have already talked about both of these genres in Social Studies this year, so it was not a new concept.

To review I did a lesson from the book Genre Connections.  This lesson gets students familiar with both genres and all you need is a mirror! I held up the mirror to myself and talked about my life, that represented AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Then, I looked at the mirror but pointed it to where I could see a student's reflections in it and began sharing facts about them, this represents BIOGRAPHY. This book has great lessons that help students make connections.

After we reviewed the two genres, every student got a sticky note. They wrote what they knew about Biographies. We then did a walk around the room and pair up to share. This got them moving and then we shared whole class before adding them to our anchor chart. We repeated the process for Autobiographies. 

We then began reading biographies! We read 2 biographies this week and filled out our graphic organizers. The biographies have questions aligned to the TEKS. Students had to prove their answer using the assigned color for the question. They are also asked to write in complete sentences. 

With this organizer, they worked in partners and each student had a different color post it note. This lesson is from  The Reading Strategies Book

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We finished the week off with Biography rotations using task cards. The students enjoyed reading and learning about people in history. 

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