This week we have been busy learning about poetry before going on break. My students have been reading poetry and learning the different elements of poetry. Some of the books I use to introduce poetry with are the classics by Shel Silverstein. My students really enjoy reading these poems. They are also great because of the imagery Silverstein uses.
We started the week by adding poetry terms to our reading notebook. I found posters on Teachers Pay Teachers, they can be found HERE. After glueing the poetry terms to our notebook it was time to practice with some activities. We played a round of "Yo tengo... Quien tiene...". There is 4 sets of cards. I color coordinate them by set and hand out a set per table.

We ended with "Pesca poesía". My kids really enjoyed doing this activity! They had the poetry terms on the fishing nets and had to identify what the fish with the poetry line was and place it in the correct net. This can be done in a reading notebook or on construction paper. We opted to do it on construction paper so they could be displayed in the hall.

Considering we covered poetry during the Christmas season we applied what we learned and made "Poetry Element Ornaments".

As a thank you to my followers, you can go download the freebie HERE!

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