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The year is off to a great start. After being out for the first 4 weeks of school I finally feel like things are rolling smoothly at the end of the first semester! Being gone for the first 4 weeks was not easy, but we all got by. Fast forward to December and the fact that I can finally see above all my to do lists, my classroom is ready acceptable.

As soon as you walk in you see our classroom library. I have mine categorized by AR (Accelerated Reader) levels. The blue bins hold the picture books and the turquoise bookshelf holds chapter books.

Considering I am a HUGE AR fan, my students are required to read AR books on their levels. To help me keep track of who has and hasn't taken a quiz, I use a pocket chart and students will flip their card once they test.

In my classroom library I also display my Reading anchor charts and posters. 

By the front door I also have a purple file folder with absent work. If a student is absent they go to the day they missed and grab their missing work. This helps me not lose work, while also teaching the student responsibility.

Next to my library I have the teacher area, including my small group table. Behind my table I store task cards, weekly copies and other resources I may use that week, whole group or small group. 

Writers workshop students have the choice to write at their desk or around the room. Some choose to write at the table to be near the anchor charts and posters. The table also holds writing tools to help students in Writing. The pink and blue buckets hold each classes extra pencil in case they break their pencil during class.

I teach both classes Writing and Grammar. To help keep their folders and notebooks organized students have a basket assigned to their table. This is a method I have used since my first year and has helped keep everything organized. 

Another organization method to help keep both classes folders and notebooks organized is the Pinterest favorite,  Sterilite drawers. The first drawer hold each homeroom's Science and Social Studies folder and notebook. The bottom drawer hold Reading folder and notebook for the group I have that week. The basket has materials we will be using and a lost and found. 

Our district has a mandated word wall. Below the word wall is my homeroom's cubbies. They each have a 2 gallon size bag with their extra supplies. We don't do community supplies in our classes. 

Along the back wall I have Math posters and below that is their mailboxes. These are just Ikea magazine holders. The green baskets hold our Reading and Math workshops for the week. The rest is Math and Reading materials.

 Science wall with all the beautiful Astrobright paper below!

I hope you enjoyed a peak in to my classroom! 

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