Salt and Pepper

After reviewing parts of speech in grammar we began to identify the subject and predicate this week. Our school has an amazing Writing specialist and she came up with a concrete lesson to introduce subject and predicate using a Salt and Pepper shaker! Who would have thought that something just lying around our kitchen could make such a difference in the classroom.

The Salt represents the Subject and the Pepper the Predicate. I begin introducing the lesson by referring to a sentence like a meal. In order for it to taste good it needs Salt and Pepper. My class began by identifying the subject and predicate and gluing them in the correct "shaker".

During writing conferences students students will add a little "salt and pepper" to their writings. Our school has non negotiable that we need to follow for writing and one of those is complete sentences. These shakers seem to be a great reminder! 

You can find the product at HERE. Don't forget that today is the last day of the Cyber Sale!

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