Propósito del Autor-PIE Face

This year has been a whirlwind! Being on maternity leave for the first 5 weeks can really throw you off. I finally feel like I am back in the groove of things. In third grade we have been busy learning about fiction and just started our non fiction unit. To learn Author's Purpose we transformed ourselves into PIE bakers. This was an idea from Hope King at Elementary Shenanigans. When students walked into our classroom they had a surprise on their desks. Thank you to Mazeca for donating the hats and aprons.

Students began with identifying the authors purpose using book covers. There were 3 pie tins with each purpose. If the student answered correctly they got a turn at Pie Face, but first their team had to agree with answer. After they had their pies completed they moved to the short paragraphs. This is where it got challenging! Students identified the purpose the same way they identified the book covers.

They really enjoyed this activity but most importantly helped with identifying Author's Purpose. You can find the product HERE.

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